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Let’s visit this such a Lovely town, called Takengon

Jumat, 18 Desember 2020 | 18.49 WIB Last Updated 2020-12-18T11:51:50Z

By : Nanda Fujiana 

Get to know about this small town and let’s see what you gonna get!!

picture 1 : the view of Takengon (source lintas gayo) 

So first this town called by Takengon, people also called it by “Kota di Atas Awan” because this town is cooler than the city around it. Located in Central Aceh, it takes 10 hours from Banda Aceh. Takengon has a tropical rainforest climate with moderate to heavy rainfall year round. This town has Lut Tawar lake, I know you will get surprise J. Takengon is also well known for its coffee, that is awesome !!

Picture 2: Coffee Farm (source 

The people in Takengon are called “Gayonese” or as they are usually called, "Urang Gayo".

Picture 3 : Gayo’s Groom in past. (source Wikipedia) 

What is that means by the word “gayo”? you must wondering about that right. So “gayo” comes from the ancient Acehnese language, adopted from Sanskrit which means 'mountain'.

You have to know the most of popular dance in this lovely town is Didong. Didong was used as a way by muslim people to spreading Islamic teaching in past. Nowadays, Didong usually is played in important and special events, such as wedding party, welcoming ceremony in formal agenda. 

Picture 4: didong (source 

Don’t worry, if you want to come to visit this such beautiful town, because Takengon has its airport. Named Rembele airport in Bener Meriah. Nowdays this airport works quite well than in past. So, what are you waiting for?. Grab your booking list. I wait for you here!!! See yaa…